Welcome to the Congolese Youth,  Peace and Security Portal

ADECOP is a growing network of Congolese youth united around the vision of a cohesive and inclusive society, where everyone feels safe and confident to engage individually or collectively towards a better, productive and sustainable social life.

Congolese youth are neither victims nor perpetrators of the conflicts that have ravaged our country for decades, but we strongly believe that they are working as positive actors of change to rebuild peace.


Our dynamic team implements innovative community education and outreach activities, advocacy and lobbying programs, and social empowerment projects to engage Congolese youth as catalysts of change and peacebuilders.


ADECOP recognizes the importance of working with other organizations in creating and sustaining partnerships, coalitions and networks for greater impact in promoting the positive role of youth as builders of peace and agents of change at local, national, regional and global levels.


ADECOP is an led by its members without any discrimination based on ethnicity, gender or religion. We are a community that transcends the barriers of  traditional management practices. Our structure is hierarchical in its form, but participatory through the collaborative relationships developed increasingly between the various roles our members play.

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