Vision and Mission


ADECOP envisions a cohesive and inclusive society, in which everyone feels safe and confident to engage individually or collectively towards a better, productive and sustainable social life.

Created in 2002, ADECOP is an independent non-profit that seeks to contribute to the laying of the foundations of a lasting peace through the awakening of conscience of the Congolese youth and the promotion of a better understanding of the meaning of community organizing for peace, democracy and development.

ADECOP’s strategic approach targets the following objectives:

  • Strengthen organizing and advocacy skills among local youth constituencies and other community actors;
  • Support and implementing local actions that address the issues facing young people and their communities;
  • Create and board spaces and channels for youth engagement in public and political life as partners at all levels;
  • Advance the knowledge and informing policy making in the area of youth, peace and security.

The organization also carries out research and advocacy work in order to shed light on the often hidden challenges to peaceful recovery, conflict prevention and youth participation, as well as to mobilize local, national and international movements for peace and security in the Great Lakes Region.


ADECOP’s three core values, as a peacebuilding organization, are based on a holistic and positive understanding of peace, which is not only the absence of war or direct violence, but also the establishment of conditions that promote physical, social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being. Thus, the members of ADECOP advocate the following values:

1. Solidarity: ADECOP supports the ideology that diversity and differences among human beings are an asset and should not be a reason for discrimination, exclusion or conflict. ADECOP members believe that the inclusion and participation of youth and marginalized groups at all levels is crucial to the success of peacebuilding, conflict resolution and development processes. We believe that peace cannot be achieved alone and that it is important to consciously and wisely engage everyone in community action for change.

2. Freedom: ADECOP offers equal opportunities to all segments of the young people to be represented. Thus, becoming a member of ADECOP is free, voluntary and open to any youth who adheres to the organization’s guiding ideology and philosophy. The membership selection process is not based on any discriminatory criteria. ADECOP is an independent, non-governmental and non-political organization and commits itself to neither support any political movement nor to participate in actions aimed at political propaganda. The members of ADECOP work and commit themselves to achieve the organization’s mission and never use the organization to align with political parties.

ADECOP’s principle of freedom is linked to equality and calls the members of the organization to strive for youth participation as democratic imperative, both in the initiation and implementation of peacebuilding programs and development projects. ADECOP’s members are committed to ensuring that the needs and aspirations of youth are taken into account in order to guarantee meaningful participation of youth in peacebuilding processes and to provide them with meaningful ways to freely shape the future of their country.

3.Nonviolence: ADECOP is opposed to all forms of violence: physical, direct, social, cultural, environmental and structural, etc. ADECOP’s principle of non-violence refers to the notion of neutrality of conflicts. Conflicts are neither good nor bad and can not only prevent humans from reaching their full potential but also offer opportunities for change. In the face of conflict, the initiatives of ADECOP and its members aim to build relationships of equity and justice between people. We believe that human coexistence is supposed to be peaceful, however, conflict can occur. Peace is not, cannot and will never be the absence of conflict, but rather the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts using means other than destructive and deadly violence.

ADECOP members strongly believe that young people are positive actors of change and they contribute positively towards a sustainable society where peace and development can be achieved through conflict mitigation and transformation.


ADECOP works on three pillars of change at once, with the understanding that they are mutually reinforcing and provide the sole means to achieve the vision of the organization:

1.Awareness raising on the power of youth in society
2.Act using participative and peaceful approaches.
3.Change sustainably the world